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Important Information for Madrichim

Temple Sinai’s dedicated teen workers are a true asset to the School of Jewish Life and Learning (SJLL).  Not only do they help the teachers, but they serve as valuable role models for younger students.  The SJLL is delighted that you would like to serve as a madrich/ah this coming school year. 

Please review (and print as desired) the list of madrichim traits included below so that you are clear what will be expected of you.  Completion of the application below will serve a brit (covenant) attesting that you acknowledge and accept the expectations and responsibilities enumerated herein. 

Please note that only students who are enrolled in post-b’nei mitzvah educational programming – Kesher (Grades 8/9), Confirmation (Grade 10) and Bogrim (Grades 11/12) – are eligible to serve as madrichim, and that while service during Grades 8-10 is volunteer, service during Grades 11 and 12 is compensated.

Thanks in advance for committing your time and energy to the SJLL and its students.

Susan Rizzo / Education Director / / (585) 381-6890




  • Attended at least three years (or equivalent to) of Jewish education program at Temple Sinai and/or at other Religious School/Day School program
  • Acquires the basic Judaic and Hebraic knowledge as expected by Temple Sinai School of Jewish Life and Learning
  • The child of current member/s of Temple Sinai
  • Demonstrates positive and responsible behavior


  • Reflects a warm and positive attitude toward younger children
  • Reflects a warm, positive, and cooperative attitude toward the attending teacher, the teaching staff, and the entire body of Madrichim.
  • Reflects a positive attitude toward Jewish education and Jewish living
  • Reflects a positive and motivating educational environment in the classroom
  • Fosters a positive atmosphere and relationships among students


  • The madrich/ah will attend Kesher or Bogrim, depending on age.
  • The madrich/ah is ultimately responsible to the Education Director.
  • The madrich/ah is able to attend at least 24 of the 30 assigned sessions per school year.


  • Arrive to work on time (9:15 am on Sundays; 4:20 pm on Wednesday) and stay until the end (12:00 pm on Sundays; 6:00 pm on Wednesdays).
  • Attend scheduled madrichim meetings.
  • Arrange for a substitute madrich/ah if you plan to be absent.
  • Assist and cooperate with the classroom teacher.
  • Initiate assistance when needed.
  • Maintain direct communication with the classroom teacher (e.g., call or write the teacher prior to each session).
  • Assist in managing students’ behavior to create a successful learning environment.
  • Support participation of students in activities through role modeling.
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