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                Temple Sinai's Mission


Temple Sinai is a dynamic religious institution, which is continually evolving and growing to meet the needs of congregants and the Jewish people. The congregation is dedicated to upholding the principles of Reform Judaism for this and future generations. We foster Jewish identity and values through individual and group connection to God, Torah, the Jewish people and the land of Israel. We affirm our congregation’s ethical and social responsibilities to our community, our nation and the world. We are committed to providing support and care for our congregational family. We welcome and encourage participation in Temple life.

Underlying this Mission are six broad principles:


  • Inspire all congregants toward integrating Judaism more actively into their daily lives.
  • Nurture congregant involvement in Temple affairs.
  • Inspire our youth toward a firm Jewish identity through a variety of opportunities.
  • Encourage retention of membership throughout the congregant’s life.
  • Encourage unaffiliated members of the Jewish Community to commit to Reform Judaism by joining Temple Sinai.


  • Provide and encourage an environment for life long learning by providing quality educational opportunities, formally and informally all ages.


  • Foster leadership development.
  • Create a secure financial base for the Temple.
  • Ensure a well-maintained facility with adequate capacity to support the Temple.
  • Maintain a viable and active membership base.


  • Provide activities, which encourage our membership to utilize the Templeas a place for friendship and social interaction.
  • Create a supportive caring community for congregants.


  • Provide meaningful worship experiences for Shabbat and holidays, which attract the participation of congregants.
  • Encourage participation in Jewish holiday celebration at home and in the synagogue.
  • Meet the needs of the congregants connected with Jewish life-cycle events.


  • Inspire the congregation towards repairing the world through social action opportunities
  • Connect the congregation in meaningful ways to the greater Jewish community locally, nationally, and internationally.

     Temple Sinai Vision Statement  

We strive to make Temple Sinai a sukkat shalom, a shelter of peace. It is here that we seek space for both personal renewal and gathering spiritual strength through connection with one another and with God. Temple Sinai provides ongoing opportunities to experience our rich Jewish heritage. Through prayer, study, personal and community connection and work, we find a sense of God's presence in our lives. Temple Sinai provides us a place to connect with others of diverse backgrounds, needs, and generations. Together, we reach out to our local and global communities. We celebrate and commemorate our daily lives, lifecycle events and holidays. We work as partners with God to do tikkun olam, working towards a just and compassionate world.


  • Spirituality - A Synagogue where prayer is engaging, empowering and participatory
  • Learning - A Synagogue where learning runs deep for people of all ages
  • Community - A Synagogue where all congregants matter, always feel a sense of welcome and wholeness, and never feel alone
  • Good Deeds - A Synagogue where congregants strive to alleviate human suffering and participate in causes that create a positive difference in the world
  • Our Home - A Synagogue facility that is appropriately maintained to meet the changing needs of our congregation 
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