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  • For Membership categories, please refer to the Membership Categories and Commitment Level schedule included with this packet. This is updated once a year.
  • The Annual Membership Commitment contribution is payable quarterly PLUS a one-time building fund commitment of $1500 (payable quarterly over five years - $75.00/ quarter) *Building Fund may be waived while in Entry Level or Young Member dues categories. 
  • Fiscal year Membership Commitments are billed on a quarterly basis in July, October, late December and April. The annual membership commitment is billed for the entire quarter and is not pro-rated when membership starts during a quarter. When joining at any time during the quarter, individuals are responsible for dues for the entire quarter.

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I/We understand that all resignations from Temple Sinai MUST be received in writing by the temple office no later than 30 days prior to the effective resignation date. 

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