April 25, 2014   25 Nisan 5774
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A Word About Dues for New Members!  

A Word about Dues 

      Temple Sinai has decided to remove the single biggest obstacle to new households joining our synagogue – FULL DUES!  We believe that just as you would test-drive a car before buying, you have a right to “test-drive” our congregation without being required to make a substantial monetary commitment.  Therefore, we have established an ENTRY LEVEL DUES PROGRAM FOR CONGREGANTS DURING THEIR FIRST YEAR OF MEMBERSHIP.   

      Now, you may ask, “with Entry Level dues, how does the Temple expect to fund salaries, programs, religious school, etc.?  What’s the catch?” Well, there is no catch.  We believe that if you experience the warmth of the Temple Sinai community as well as the incredibly diverse opportunities we offer for learning, prayer and personal growth, you will conclude that this is where you belong.  Here’s how it works. 

      Please refer to the membership page for more on membership categories and the respective contribution asked at each level.  Please note that for “First Year ENTRY LEVEL Dues” the amount listed is - Minimum $240.  We are much more interested in engaging you as a member of our congregation than we are in your money.  We feel confident that after your first year as a member of our community you will agree that the financial commitment we ask of members is more than worth every dollar. 

      To that end, YOU decide what sort of financial contribution you wish to make during your first year of membership, based on a minimum of $240. In return you will receive all of the benefits of membership at Temple Sinai - High Holy Day tickets, Rabbis’ services, participation in all of the educational and social programming we offer, and more.  The only “exception” is that if you wish to enroll your children in the Religious School (and if you have children, we certainly hope that you will) you will be asked to pay the school registration fee of approximately $255-340/year for each child, depending on grade level to help defray the costs of providing the exemplary religious education that Temple Sinai is so well known for.   

      . We sincerely hope that you will avail yourself of this opportunity to learn about Temple Sinai first-hand.  If you have any questions about our Entry Level Dues Program please feel free to contact Karen in the Temple office (381-6890) or to call our VP of Congregant Connections, Susan Bondy (388-0333), our VP of Finance, Janet Elman (385-9692), or our President, Ann Leonard (582-1712).  We are all happy to speak with you. 

      We look forward to welcoming you into our congregational family. 

L’Shalom (in peace), 

Ann Leonard, President           

Susan Bondy, VP Congregant Connections 

Janet Elman, VP Finance 

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